Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC) - NY

Mount Sinai, CEHC, Huntington, North Shore Medical Group
241 East Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743

To speak with an environmental health expert Call 1-866-265-6201

For information on Look Before You L.E.A.P.™ materials contact:
Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition, Inc. (HBCAC) at (631) 547-1518 / /

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Karen Joy Miller, Beth Fiteni, Lynn Barker

Mount Sinai School of Medicine: Maida Galvez, MD; Joel Forman, MD;
Perry Sheffield, MD; Amir Miodovnik, MD; Damiris Perez; Colin Raelson.
Mount Sinai, CEHC, North Shore Medical Group: Janet Street.

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