The need to be more aware about environmental hazards and how developing children are especially vulnerable to them is paramount. L.E.A.P. is an acronym for Lead, Endocrine Disruptors, Air Pollution, and Pesticides four well-established environmental toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. The Look Before You L.E.A.P. project offers environmental health information in a manner that is non-threatening, age-appropriate and fun for children and families alike. It is our hope that the information and the tools we have provided will promote a dialogue within families and communities about avoiding exposure to hazardous substances, while offering them safer alternatives.

This exciting collaborative project headed by Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition Inc. (HBCAC) could not have been accomplished without the support of our dedicated committee members:

Karen Joy Miller diagnosed in 1987 with breast cancer. Public health advocate. Founder of HBCAC.
Beth Fiteni, professional environmental & public health advocate
Lynn Barker, concerned parent and citizen. President, Promotional Insights Inc.

Senior Medical Advisor, PHILIP J. LANDRIGAN, MD, MSc

Special thanks to Stephen Boese, Learning Disabilities Association NYS; Laura Weinberg, Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition; Bob DiBenedetto, Healthy Planet

Funding for Look Before You L.E.A.P. materials provided by NYS DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION (#C304562). Sponsor NYS SENATOR CARL L. MARCELLINO

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